Lantern Technologies: Launching a complete IoT solution in 3 months

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Original Air Date: April 18, 2018

Lantern Technologies develops IoT solutions for a vast array of customers. Recently, one their medical device clients asked them to build a solution from scratch – in just three months. Not only was Lantern Tech up against a huge time crunch, but they also needed to comply with very strict FDA and compliance regulations.

Alban Sanchez, CEO of Lantern Technologies, joins Rob Patterson, VP of Strategic Marketing at PTC, to discuss why Lantern Technologies chose to build their new solution on the ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform. Specifically, they will explore how ThingWorx enabled Lantern Technologies to:

  • Rapidly develop solutions
  • Control and capture all data without losing anything
  • Run solutions on premise
  • Scale for future growth


Alban Sanchez
CEO, Lantern Technologies

Rob Patterson
VP Strategic Marketing, PTC