Engage: Deliver Apps and AR Experience ThingWorx IoT Webcast Series - Session Five

Learn more about what sets ThingWorx 8 apart from other industrial IoT platforms. Our recent series takes a deep dive into the unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and agility of ThingWorx 8. This series of webinars is intended for current and prospective ThingWorx partners and customers who want to quickly build and deploy new apps and augmented reality experiences.

Session Five | Engage: Deliver Apps and AR Experience

The Thingworx platform transforms IoT applications into immersive experiences. You can build and publish compelling web, mobile, and augmented reality experiences to help enterprises improve services, customer experiences, operations, and the engineering and manufacturing of products.

In this webcast replay you will learn how to:

  • Author a compelling AR experience: ThingWorx makes it easy to incorporate augmented reality into your business processes.
  • Create dashboards quickly: Not only can you quickly build and deploy apps and AR experiences, but you can also easily monitor their performance using our drag-and-drop dashboards.
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