O’Reilly Media: Evaluating and Choosing an IoT Platform

Make the smart choice to take advantage of the IIoT opportunity

The hunger for IIoT-enabled solutions is driving companies to seek out reliable, secure IIoT platforms that can handle industrial-grade IoT capabilities. What features should heavy-equipment B2B industries expect in an IIoT platform?  What attributes should you seek out?  

Until now, developing an IIoT solution has required the costly, time-intensive effort of platform building, as developers cobble together technology stacks from scratch to handle the hardware, firmware, software, edge computing, analytics, business systems integration, and more.  

In this report, Matthew Perry from O’Reilly Media helps you recognize what to look for in an industrial-grade IoT platform, including bidirectional connectivity and distributed computing to availability, scalability, and reliability. Learn how to assess your IoT strategy and find a vendor capable of fulfilling your specific needs.

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