Rethinking the Infrastructure for Big Data

To get the real value out of smart, connected products, manufacturers must be able to cope with the data they create

Rethinking Infrastructure for Big Data imageDownload this article—recently featured in Manufacturing Leadership Journal—to understand the basic requirements, how to approach building big data infrastructure, and understanding the strategic choices that must be made based on your organization’s unique requirements.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers manufacturers a tantalizing prospect—the ability to collect data directly from their smart, connected products. Direct access to rich, quantitative information from the products they’ve designed and service is a game changer. Manufacturers can build a pipeline straight from product, enabling them to monitor, diagnose, predict, and even prevent product failures.

But reaching that level of capability isn’t easy. Not only do manufacturers need to build an ecosystem of sensors, actuators, and applications—they need a way to manage the enormous amount of that connected products will generate.

To guarantee success, manufacturers must plan for an infrastructure that can store, manage, analyze, and act on data. Without these tools, companies will be left with a vast, useless ocean of data—saddled with all of the cost and risk of smart, connected products, while unable to reap the benefits.

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