Scaling Data Science for Industrial IoT–Advanced Analytics in Real Time

Drawing on real-world examples, O'Reilly Media illustrates techniques to improve IoT analytics for a competitive advantage

By 2020, businesses may budget upwards of 26% of their entire IoT cost on analytics, effectively doubling spend today. Meanwhile, current analytics capabilities require significant advancement to keep pace with ballooning data growth.

O'Reilly Media discusses the state of IoT analytics by examining PTC and two IoT partners: Glassbeam and National Instruments. Download this white paper to learn:

  • How to automate and accelerate IoT analytics
  • Market-specific analytics demands imposed by agriculture, factory, vehicle maintenance and healthcare automation
  • How to recognize and cultivate predictive analytics, a realm where data relevance evolves in real time
  • Which tools are being employed by companies today to achieve tomorrow’s IoT analytics capabilities