Create a Successful IoT Implementation Strategy

Learn from experts about how to avoid IoT pilot purgatory so you can start tapping into the enterprise-wide benefits of digital transformation.

Gain Key Insights on How to Avoid Pilot Purgatory

Understand common pitfalls and tap into best practices to create a successful IoT implementation strategy.

Learn to identify and avoid common pitfalls that derail pilot programs, such as: 

  • insufficient network capacity
  • inability to meet security requirements
  • lack of enterprise alignment on pilot strategy, data governance, and outcomes / operational impact
  • blocks to scalability
Industrial IoT pilot programs require a significant amount of time and resources from many departments, including IT. Learn how to identify and avoid common pitfalls in this White Paper by market analysis firm ABI Research.

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls that Lead to IoT Pilot Purgatory

Many industrial companies’ pilots often end up in a “purgatory” state due to delays in design and testing. However, an IoT implementation strategy that addresses device, IT, and network challenges, as well as organizational roadblocks can pave the way for a successful rollout.


IoT Pilot Purgatory Pitfalls 

A project plan with governance guidelines for communications, monitoring, and implementation best practices are vital for avoiding pilot purgatory pitfalls.

Options for Avoiding IoT Pilot Purgatory

Focusing on a single use case for the pilot project, rather than conducting multiple IoT projects simultaneously is key to achieving a successful outcome.

Enterprise Benefits of Successful IoT Pilots

Successful pilots remove organizational roadblocks, address device, network, and data issues, and ensure that the solution is practical and scalable. 

Set Yourself Up for a Successful IoT Implementation

Understand How to Avoid the Pitfalls of IoT Pilot Purgatory

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