IoT Analytics Bridges the Gap Between IoT Data and Meaningful Business Outcomes

IDC Analysts reveal the key to gaining value from your IoT data insights.

How IoT Analytics Closes the Loop Between Your Data and Business Successes

For industrial organizations, data pulled from operations and business systems can provide valuable real-time insights into processes, equipment, and people. However, the manufacturer cannot act without gleaning insight into the context of the data. To better understand their data, industrial organizations need to leverage IoT analytics to operationalize insights—or take action on the data. 

This IDC Analyst report dives into the significance of actionable insights to drive value across business use cases. IoT initiatives are essential to an effective digital transformation strategy and maintaining business resiliency—especially in the face of a global disruption. 

Manufacturers who prioritize IoT analytics derive more value from data and have seen improvements in operational efficiency and productivity, as well as a reduction in scrap and operational costs.

Get your copy of the report to learn how extracting actionable insights from data will impact your business objectives.

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