• technology improves recovery and resilience

How Technology Investments Improve Recovery and Resilience

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According to a survey of 400 C-level executives in a recent World Economic Forum report, COVID-19 has compelled manufacturing businesses to bolster resilience. From technology-driven operational improvements, to increased agility to meet shifting market demands, business leaders are “doubling down on investments in advanced manufacturing technologies,” to become more resilient today and be better prepared for tomorrow’s new normal.

Watch the recent panel discussion on how manufacturing investments in digital transformation are paying quick dividends, including improving data-driven decision making and forecasts. Learn how IIoT data increases supply chain agility and makes production process more efficient. Specific technologies discussed include:

  • Remote maintenance to proactively avoid downtime for testing equipment and alert customers as needed.
  • Online assistance to analyze, diagnose, and address issues remotely—and provide customer training and support.
  • Remote updates to automated software fixes and documentation changes.
  • Value-added services that support inventory and supply chain management to meet customer demand.

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Craig MelroseEVP Digital Transformation Solutions, PTC


Nicholas LeederVice-President, Head of Digital Transformation Solutions, PTC


Felipe Bezamat, Project and Community Lead, Shaping the Future of Production, World Economic Forum


Bob Murphy Senior VP, Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting , Rockwell Automation