On-Demand Webcast

Best-in-Class Connected PLM: Collaborative, Productive, and Transformative

As today’s companies embark on their journey of digital transformation, many face significant roadblocks, particularly when it comes to product lifecycle management (PLM). Process silos, product complexity, and poor data quality can all wreak havoc on PLM efforts. On the other hand, Best-in-Class companies survive and thrive in this environment with a connected approach to PLM that delivers enhanced team productivity, improved output quality, and accelerated time-to-market.

In this webinar, Aberdeen’s S.V.P. Mike Lock and Kevin Wrenn, General Manager, PLM from PTC discuss how a connected PLM environment produces tangible results. This webinar will explore recent research findings and real-world examples that demonstrate:

  • Top challenges of the product development process
  • The advantages of a consolidated approach to PLM
  • The Best-in-Class PLM strategy and associated performance implications
  • The potential impact of digital transformation and emerging use cases (e.g., IoT, AR)