Engineering Success with the IoT Ecosystem

Webcast Replay

Original Air Date: June 7, 2018

The Internet of Things is fueling imaginations and rapidly reshaping the business goals of product engineering organizations across the globe. But as much promise as the IoT holds and change it can represent, it is important to remember that the “IoT” is often simply the next step in the evolution of many organizations’ products and solutions.

The fundamental needs of product engineering organizations have not been changed by the IoT. In many cases, their needs have only now become more acute, requiring a reevaluation of solutions that can improve automation, reuse, and time to market. More than ever, it is critical to identify the partners and technology that can help you adapt and create a foundation for future, continued evolution.

Watch this webcast replay with Chris Rommel, EVP of IoT at VDC Research, and Rob Patterson, VP of Strategic Marketing at PTC, to learn:

  • What new technologies IoT first movers are investing in next
  • How IoT platforms can enable quicker time-to-market and development cost savings
  • The ways to maximize value from existing software assets
  • How to leverage IoT technology choices to maximize channel and ecosystem benefits


Chris Rommel
Executive VP, IoT & Embedded Technology – VDC Research

Rob Patterson
VP of Strategic Marketing – PTC