Webcast Replay: Turn IoT Challenges into Opportunities with PTC, Microsoft, and IDC

Manufacturers can reap benefits from IoT throughout their organizations, but they need to take a methodical approach that includes considerations across people, process, and technology. An organized approach to IoT is important given the range of use cases it can enable, the large number of stakeholders involved, and the various layers of enterprise and operational technology on which it depends. Organizations should plan now for the technology choices they make, and understand how those decision will impact their time to value, TCO, and risk posture. 

Join IoT experts from Microsoft and PTC as they discuss the many synergies between their respective IoT portfolios.  The team will also share the top three factors propelling their customers’ near-term IoT investments:  boosting product quality, reducing operational assets and driving efficiency and productivity.   You will also learn more from IDC about the key IoT project inhibitors that can be overcome with correct planning:  integration and analysis of data at the edge, security links between OT and IT environments, and integration with other business systems.



Joseph Biron
Chief Technology Officer, IoT

Christoph Berlin
Partner PM Manager, Azure IoT

Stacy Crook
Research Director, IoT


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