Digital Transformation Masterclass: Process Industry

1st December at 3:30 PM GMT

On approach to the hopefully near-end of the Covid-19 Pandemic the virus itself has acted as a catalyst of digitalization and provides unparalleled opportunities for the changing Process Industry.

The Process industry is complex and constantly evolving; the industry needs to ensure high growth and stability after the uncertainty over the pandemic this can be achieved when it addresses challenges exposed by Covid with the correct digital transformation strategy treatment, problems which include:

The growing skilled labour gap

The growing demand for relevant digital training for process automation

Increased complexity of supply chains

In this webinar we will discuss, internally renowned expert Mr. JP Provencher will provide insights on Digital Transformation strategy for the Process Industry. JP is an expert in connected operations, he is the Vice-President for Connected Operations Solutions at PTC. The webinar will also feature a panel discussion with some of the leading companies from the industry, highlighting the practical aspects of getting started with a digital strategy initiative and implementing at scale.

About the speaker

Mr. Provencher based out of PTC headquarters in Boston, is responsible for the portfolio of digital transformation solutions to enable smart, connected operations. Mr. Provencher is focused on making the manufacturing digital transformation a reality with IoT, Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing solutions that deliver double digit impact, with speed and at enterprise scale. PTC’s solutions enable factories to deploy IoT rapidly and at scale with real-time unified industrial connectivity, augmented reality, and predictive analytics..

Mr. Provencher has 20 years of experience driving the development and adoption of new enterprise software solutions in the manufacturing and supply chain area, helping leading manufacturers digitally transform their operations..




Mr. JP Provencher, an expert in connected operations, he is the Vice-President for Connected Operations Solutions at PTC


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