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Webcast: How to Scale IoT at the Edge to Multiple Factories

Manufacturers everywhere recognize the importance of implementing an IoT strategy. But knowing how to digitally transform one factory and scale it to others is as challenging as today’s factories are complex.

In this on-demand webcast, PTC and HPE discuss:

  • How to get started with converged edge systems for common IIoT use cases, including condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Best practices to scale IT systems across multiple equipment types and sites
  • Success stories from customers that have deployed edge solutions

Learn how PTC and HPE enable manufacturers to leverage the IoT at the edge, where decisions are made.


Lin Nease

Lin Nease, HPE Fellow and IoT Chief Technologist, HPE

Subhashish Acharya

Subhashish Acharya, Director, IoT Strategic Alliances, PTC

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