Connect Your Data to the ThingWorx Platform

ThingWorx IoT Webcast Series - Session One

Learn more about what sets ThingWorx 8 apart from other industrial IoT platforms. Our recent series takes a deep dive into the unparalleled functionality, flexibility, and agility of ThingWorx 8. This series of webinars is intended for current and prospective ThingWorx partners and customers who want to quickly build and deploy new apps and augmented reality experiences.

Session One | Source: Connect Your Data to the ThingWorx Platform

The ThingWorx industrial IoT platform enables you to connect to virtually any sensor, device, or system. This includes not only edge devices, but also business systems such as a CRM or an ERP that provide the data that powers successful IoT solutions.

In this webcast replay you will learn about:

  • Native industrial connectivity (powered by Kepware): With ThingWorx, you can quickly and easily connect to, and communicate with thousands of devices via 150 protocols to have a real-time view of operations
  • Systems integration: ThingWorx aggregates data from a wide-range of business systems so you can make informed decisions
  • PTC’s open cloud strategy: ThingWorx enables you to leverage your existing cloud investments
  • Secure edge SDKs: Build robust, secure full-feature edge integrations for any platform
  • Pre-built solutions: ThingWorx partners have developed off-the-shelf solutions that you purchase and start using today