T-Systems Harnesses the Power of Digital Twins

T-Systems can now provide their customers with real-time product insights – faster!

T-Systems Harnesses the Power of Digital Twins

Many T-Systems customers have an aging system landscape. By leveraging PTC technology (PLM, CAD, IoT and AR), T-Systems can gather real-time data and relay it back to their customers in a meaningful way.

By working together, T-Systems and PTC combine their expertise to create solutions and bring them to market faster than either could alone.

Watch this video to see how T-Systems and PTC technologies compliment one another for designing and monitoring brakepads in the automotive industry.

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Webinar Replay: Improve Service with Digital Twins and Product Simulation

Digital twins unlock value across the entire product lifecycle from design through operation and service. Through physics-based simulation models, Digital twins enable manufacturers to better understand and predict physical product performance and provide continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance insights to improve product efficiency, reduce unplanned downtime, and enable service-based models.

Learn about ANSYS and PTC’s unique solutions that allows advanced simulation models to be incorporated into a digital twin application.

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