• increase throughput during downturn

3 Ways to Enhance Throughput in a Downturn with the IoT

Unlock new efficiency capabilities with PTC’s ThingWorx IoT Solutions platform.

Deliver Orders on Time, Every Time

From supply chain complexities to socially distanced plant floors, manufacturers are faced with more barriers to productivity than ever before. How do you ensure your plant is equipped to keep up with the demands of the marketplace in a downturn? PTC’s ThingWorx IoT Solutions platform can help. Armed with the power of data, your workforce can make decisions back by real-time insights to optimize maintenance, productivity, and flexibility.

This video explores how a real-time, data-driven approach will not only help manufacturers increase throughput, but will also:

  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Reduce changeover time
  • Optimize maintenance scheduling

Watch the video and learn how to maintain smooth operations—especially in the face of global challenges.