Replay: Sani-Matic’s Journey to an Entirely New Digital Business Model

Check out how process assurance informed Sani-Matic’s approach to digital transformation.

When it comes to making any product in the regulated food, beverage, pharma and biotech industries, cleaning is a critical process. The key to maintaining product quality and production schedules is ensuring that plant-validated cleaning protocols are followed exactly. 
When systems don’t run properly due to maintenance issues, it can seriously impact plant profitability. Proof of process compliance requests from auditors (whether from regulatory agencies or customers), which must be complete and immediately available, can add to a manufacturer’s burden.
Sani-Matic has mitigated those concerns in their new digital business model. They are an expert in both the design of optimal cleaning processes and providing the right combination of hardware, software and controls to make sure that plant standards are met. 
Register to hear a previously recorded discussion between Peter Barrie, Senior Product Manager at Sani-Matic; Evan Kaiser, OEM Segment Manager at Rockwell Automation; and Justin Hester, Digital Transformation Senior Director at PTC. These industry experts cover a range of important topics, including:

  • Sani-Matic’s digital transformation journey and their approach to developing a digital business model
  • The integral role that data plays in maintaining process compliance 
  • The value of ongoing system monitoring and the industry’s reaction to remote condition monitoring 

Don’t get left in the dust – learn how to optimize your cleaning processes and streamline your plant production in this illuminating webinar replay.





Pete BarrieSenior Product Manager, Sani-Matic, Inc.


Evan KaiserOEM Segment Manager, Rockwell Automation


Justin HesterSr. Director Digital Transformation, PTC

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