Enabling Transformative Changes in Remote Monitoring for Healthcare Organizations

Remote monitoring of medical technology is poised to undergo a revolution. New applications and innovative business models are now possible through the Internet of Things, emerging connectivity services such as 5G, and the use of sophisticated analytics and artificial intelligence.

Salvatore Salamone, Editor-in-Chief, RTInsights hosts an interactive discussion with Dr. Jörg Traub, CEO of Forum Medtech Pharma, and René Zoelfl, Chairman of the PTC Healthcare Executive Advisory Council. The panel will discuss the best way to realize the benefits of remote monitoring and predictive service and exactly how they impact the medical device industry. 

Hear how to:

  • Use new technologies and services to overcome common remote monitoring challenges in medical technology
  • Transition away from one-time sales to new business models with recurring revenues
  • Apply IoT and remote monitoring concepts in practice



Salvatore Salamone,



Dr. Jörg Traub,
Forum Medtech Pharma



Rene Zoelfl,
Chairman of the PTC Healthcare Executive Advisory Council

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