• Enable Proactive Service

Enable Proactive Service

Leverage connectivity and predictive analytics to transition from reactive to proactive services

Unlock insights from real-time product status data and tap into efficiencies enabled by condition-based and predictive maintenance

The manufacturing industry is acutely aware of the challenges spotlighted by the pandemic; namely, that developing and supporting products in the field when site access has been locked down has been challenging, if not impossible. But, even prior to such unprecedented times, the cost and inefficiencies of servicing field-based products has long been problematic.

The combination of connectivity plus predictive analytics has made it possible to detect potential problems in the making, allowing companies to fix the problems before an outage, making what was previously unthinkable a powerful new reality.

The paradigm shift to addressing issues before they happen is becoming more common, with leading manufacturers seeing a reduction in costs while being able to provide better customer service. Additionally, companies are able to extend product life, cutting down overall annual spending for spare and replacement costs.

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