Your IoT Due Diligence Starts (and Ends) Here

Industry Analyst Reports Recognize PTC’s Leadership Position Within the Internet of Things Segment

Many manufacturers have started (or are starting) their journey into the world of the Internet of Things, developing more and more smart connected products. However, they’re finding the journey to be bewildering, with a complex ecosystem of potential IoT partners and solutions. Within this crowded sphere of IoT providers, what can an organization do to make the decision-making process more streamlined and efficient?

Work with the Leader in the Internet of Things Market Segment

To start, you can work with a market leader. Two industry analyst firms with the IoT market segment have recently named PTC the “IoT Platform Market Leader”:

  • IoT Analytics in their “IoT Platforms Market Report 2015-2021,” and
  • Experton Group in its “Industry 4.0/Internet of Things Vendor Benchmark 2016,” report.

IoT Market Leadership

Experton Group ranked PTC as “Market Leader” for Industrial Big Data Analytics

Both reports recognize the ThingWorx® IoT platform with its effective and easy-to-use rapid application development capabilities, the strategic investments on the part of PTC to develop a robust IoT platform, and PTC’s strong IoT ecosystem partnerships.

Investing in the Future of IoT

“PTC has spent over $600M in strategic investments to align their existing enterprise software business with future IoT solutions,” said Padraig Scully, vice president, market research, IoT Analytics. “The well-chosen acquisitions will enable PTC to develop an end-to-end IoT platform including connectivity (Axeda), application enablement (ThingWorx), analytics (ColdLight), augmented reality (Vuforia), and industrial automation (Kepware). PTC’s existing enterprise software business in CAD, PLM and SLM is expected to evolve into a closed-loop approach, integrating sensor data to improve product design and service.”

internet of things 
With 18% market share, PTC is the IoT platform provider market share leader

Why Work with PTC on IoT Projects?

IoT Analytics and Experton Group ranking PTC as IoT market leaders further validates the strategy and direction that PTC is taking with IoT solutions. From thought leadership to technology to partnerships, PTC is focused on empowering its customers with tools and solutions to capitalize on the Internet of Things. PTC is bridging the digital and physical worlds to help create a new wave of connected products and services that will transform business and enable enterprises to accelerate time to value.

Download Two IoT Industry Analyst Reports Today

To start (and end!) your IoT due diligence, complete the form to download your copies of the “IoT Platforms Market Report 2015-2021,” from IoT Analytics, and the “Industry 4.0/Internet of Things Vendor Benchmark 2016,” report from Experton Group.