Ensuring Workforce Productivity with the IoT

Discover how leaders are using digital work instructions for manufacturing process improvements, closing the skills gap, and making huge efficiency gains.

ABI Research surveyed the role of today’s manufacturing workers, and the results are clear: digital work instructions are changing the rules of the game.

Manufacturers face unprecedented challenges. As veteran shop floor experts retire, their replacements are in short supply. Novice workers lack the expertise to reach full productivity. Meanwhile, globalization creates economic pressure and the market demands products that are increasingly difficult to produce.

ABI Research investigated how manufacturers have been managing these challenges. Their findings have revealed the ways that production lines are using new technology to evolve and keep pace. Read ABI’s report and discover how IoT work instructions for manufacturing process improvements are giving industry leaders a growing edge in a competitive market. Get your copy of “Advancing Workforce Productivity Using IoT and Digital Work Instructions” today.

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