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The Power to MANAGE

Manage and Orchestrate Smart, Connected Assets

Effective administration of applications, devices, systems, and processes is essential to the ongoing success of an industrial IoT (IIoT) implementation. Users across business functions—and with varying degrees of technological expertise—must be able to manage day-to-day IIoT operations with ease.

Usability, process efficiency, automation, and collaboration make it possible for users in any role to simplify the cumbersome tasks associated with managing connected assets and operations. An IIoT platform that is robust in infrastructure and interoperability, and provides user-friendly features like dashboards, drag-and-drop tools, and out-of-the-box (OOTB) connectors, will satisfy interests of both IT and operations.

ThingWorx OOTB functions and applications ensure optimal performance of assets and organizations. These capabilities empower organizations to provide substantial value in the form of increased uptime, reduced costs, role-based visibility and control, and improved compliance.

ThingWorx Makes It Possible to:

  • Manage deployments of any size and scale from a single location
  • Accelerate the time to value by enabling simple administration of end-to-end industrial IoT use cases in any environment
  • Reduce the time and skill required to implement and integrate ThingWorx solutions into existing environments and processes
  • Provide enterprise-wide visibility of applications and systems to foster maximum productivity across functions