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Empower Your Workforce with Contextualized Data that Enhances Knowledgeability, Productivity, and Efficiency

Industrial loT (IIoT) has the potential to completely transform businesses - to create new opportunities, inform critical business decisions, and improve how people work. The extent to which any industrial enterprise realizes the positive impacts of digital transformation is largely determined by how effectively IloT data is captured and translated into meaningful, actionable insight.

ThingWorx collects data from connected devices and combines it with data from other related sources, including enterprise systems. By creating a more holistic view of IoT-related data, ThingWorx ensures the availability, consistency, and accuracy of data used by the workforce in day-to-day operations and decision-making.

The combined data is contextualized and shared in a number of ways to deliver maximum impact throughout the organization.

Customizable, dynamic, visual presentations made available in ThingWorx applications engage users in a smart, connected environment, allowing them to be more responsive, productive, and adaptable. Data is shared with integrated third-party applications and technology solutions to share insights and enhance collaboration across business functions and geographies.

ThingWorx Makes It Possible to:

  • Enhance visibility, productivity, and performance
    using comprehensive IIoT data and information
  • Increase the impact of information by integrating
    IIoT data with enterprise system and application
    data to create a more holistic view
  • Create immersive AR experiences with IIoT data
    that enhance collaborative work, remote and field
    operations, work instructions, and more.
  • Contextualize and visualize data insights through
    dynamic dashboards optimized for web, mobile or
    AR experiences for maximum impact