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Unlock Actionable Insights in Your Operational Data with Powerful IIoT Analytics Capabilities

The true value of Industrial IoT solutions lies in the data. Every connected device can generate thousands, or even millions, of data points every day. Contained in that data are the answers to business problems, the diagnosis for a machine failure, even predictions for the future.

The analytics process can be simplified into three steps: fifirst, capture and process data; apply logic to the data to unlock value; and produce insights to enhance decision-making and operations across the enterprise.

ThingWorx uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to extract insight from data, then exposes the complex relationships and analysis via simple-to-understand outputs suited for consumption by non-expert users.

Analytic methods and outputs vary depending on what questions are being asked and how or where they should be answered:

  • Descriptive: What happened?
  • Diagnostic: Why did it happen?
  • Predictive: What will happen?
  • Prescriptive: What should I do?

ThingWorx is built to understand and tackle the unique challenges of IIoT data and simplifies access to the information industrial enterprises need to make informed decisions quickly.

ThingWorx Makes It Possible to:

  • Transform data into insight via intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that enable complex analytics capabilities for non- expert users
  • Operationalize insights, predictions, and recommendations across enterprise functions to enhance decision-making
  • Detect data anomalies in real-time to quickly identify changes in connected devices or operating conditions
  • Optimize performance outcomes using simulations to diagnose problems and generate recommendations for corrective action