The Changing Value of Connected Machine Capabilities

Manufacturers have reprioritized purchasing decisions based on connected machine capabilities. Learn how industrial machine builders can best embrace this change.

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Connected machinery has long been a mainstay of manufacturing and until recently, manufacturers have been expected to manage their own connectivity. But thanks to the quickening pace of innovation, manufacturers now expect machine builders to build connected capabilities into new products and existing offerings. What’s changed? Why is connectivity now a deciding factor for machine buyers?

ARC Advisory Group has surveyed industry experts to understand the connected machine revolution. Uncover the motivations behind a new level of connectivity, including:

  • How is the connected machine strategy changing?
  • How is connectivity being used by manufacturers?
  • How much are manufacturers willing to pay for connectivity?
  • What are the perceived risks and benefits of machine connectivity?
  • What is the ROI for aggressively pursuing connectivity?
ARC Market Report: How Digital Transformation is Changing the Business Value of Connectivity to Machines

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