Rather than focusing on the implications of Covid-19, VCST, a subsidiary of BMT Group, a Belgian manufacturer of precision-machined powertrain and brake components, has accelerated its plans for a fully automated factory. By creating digital continuity from engineering to manufacturing, they are establishing a continuous feedback and improvement loop for machine and operator performance, maintenance, and production.  

Join Tim Polleunis – Manager Smart Factory at VCST Industrial Products, Dirk Luwaert – Enterprise Solution Architect, Manufacturing Industry at Ad Ultima Group, and Jordan Chaisson – Senior  Manager, Connected Operations Solutions at PTC to learn about VCST’s progression towards improving OEE and higher quality products through collaboration with Ad Ultima, its implementation partner, and PTC’s IoT, PLM, and AR factory solutions.

In a condensed 30-minute presentation, you will learn how VCST is: 

  • Improving cost and efficiency of the shop floor
  • Meeting strict, new requirements for Noise and Vibration (NVH)
  • Driving down costs of poor quality
  • Speeding time to market through change governance



Tim Polleunis, Manager Smart Factory, VCST Industrial Products


Dirk Luwaert, Enterprise Solution Architect, Manufacturing Industry, Ad Ultima Group

Jordan Chaisson

Jordan Chaisson, Senior manager, Connected Operations solutions, PTC