Digital Transformation Roadmap for Manufacturing

Industrial Machine Builders Podcast Series.

Your Key Steps to Digital Transformation Success

Industrial machine builders are looking for ways to digitally transform their business. But to be successful in this, these builders must meet two key requirements. First, both their operations and machines must be fully sensored and connected to a digital platform that can deliver new functions, capabilities, and value—both to the builder, and their industrial customers.

Second, machine builders must carefully plan and execute a strategy so that this connectivity provides improved customer value. And these strategies must sensibly provide rapid value in the short-term, while supporting more ambitious transformation in the long-term. If successful, the results don’t just deliver better machines; they fundamentally transform the machine builder into a solution provider who becomes instrumental to their customers’ success.

Select from any or all of the short Digital Transformation for Industrial Machine Builders Podcasts. Listen to 20-minute conversations between IoT digital transformation experts to help guide your transformation and that of your customers.

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Justin Hester
Digital Transformation Director, PTC

"I come from the automotive manufacturing space before I joined PTC and now help customers [of all industries] understand how to go through their digital transformation."

Jon Kadane
Director of Product Marketing, PTC

"The whole idea of this digital transformation is if you listen to your equipment in the field, you actually hear what your customers are saying to you."

Gino Colonico
Digital Transformation Lead, PTC

"I spent about 15 years in the injection molding industry. Being part of the machine builder strategy is very familiar with that, and I’m happy to share my thoughts on this."

Graham Cox
Digital Transformation Lead, PTC

"The servitization trend has evolved because customers looking for a service contract with suppliers, rather than buying a product as a single transaction"