Overcome IoT Connectivity Challenges

Benefit from factory-wide connectivity with an integrated IIoT suite that supports digital transformation.

E-book: The Dangers of DIY Connectivity

Digitally transforming industrial operations is essential, and the connectivity that underlies and empowers digital transformation is hard. Given the challenges of physical connectivity and data integration, considerably more risks emerge when you decide to tackle IIoT connectivity yourself rather than use a third-party connectivity expert or other resource.

These include:

  • Lengthy time to implement
  • Continuous maintenance
  • Lack of scalability
  • Insecure and unreliable connectivity

Building communications drivers and other connectivity components for industrial systems can be fraught with challenges which is why having an experienced third-party partner can be crucial to achieving success.


Learn How to Overcome IoT Connectivity Challenges

Understand how to gain the benefits of enterprise connectivity while avoiding the dangers of DIY connectivity

The network connections and contextualized data exchanges between systems that industrial operations need, require lots of different protocols, each of which has to be monitored and maintained. All data, in the IIoT space must include the context of the data (units of measure, time and time zone, etc.) in order to have successful data integration.

Download this e-book to learn how experienced third-party partners can help you overcome the challenges of creating a truly-connected digital factory. Gain enterprise-wide insight, and proactively optimize mission-critical processes to improve:

  • operational performance
  • quality
  • time to market

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