3 Manufacturers that Get Throughput Right

Manufacturing peers at Brembo, Greiner Packaging, and Vattenfall unlocked the key to productivity in today’s crisis.

Equip Your Workforce with the Tools to Succeed in Times of Crisis

Manufacturers are under pressure in these challenging times to achieve their throughput goals. Between disparate systems, siloed processes, and poor data utilization, the current crisis has increased the strain on factory productivity. Companies have been challenged with reduced manufacturing personnel and an increasing pressure to meet customer demand.

Despite the current climate, three manufacturers: Brembo, Greiner Packaging, and Vattenfall have turned to the industrial IoT (IIoT) to empower their workforce and optimize throughput.

Implementing an IIoT platform has given these manufacturing peers the tools they need to:

  • Unlock actionable insights
  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness
  • Access real-time data through connected machines
  • Forecast demand and improve product quality

These manufacturers prove it is possible to maximize productivity and asset efficiency despite challenging times. Get your complimentary copy of the e-book to learn how to get started.


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