Maximize the Value of Your Overall Equipment Effectiveness Insights

Learn how to go beyond the OEE numbers and drive continuous improvement efforts with digital analytics.

Improve the accuracy, timeliness, and ability to act on your OEE measurements with deeper real-time insights.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is intended to be greater than just a percentage—so to gain the maximum benefit of OEE measurements, manufacturers need to drill into and build on these numbers. Digital analytics for continuous improvement efforts can do just that.

Digital analytics empower businesses to drill deeper into overarching OEE metrics at each level of the business from the top floor to the shop floor. Using digital analysis to calculate OEE performance enhances continuous improvement processes and empowers manufacturers to:

  • Detect bottleneck areas and identify losses
  • Engage plant floor workers with real-time feedback
  • Inform decisions to drive higher capacity utilization

Download the e-book to learn how to gain more value from your OEE and drive continuous improvement across your organization.

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