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Improve OEE with the IIoT

Learn how you can cut costs, increase production capacity, and save on labor—all by using your equipment more effectively with the IIoT.

Machine and asset efficiency are critical to factories; discover how to harness the power of the IIoT to improve OEE now.

If your assets are inefficient, your equipment can turn into a logjam that impacts your OEE, workforce efficiency, competitive standing, and bottom line.

The IIoT is proven to reduce unplanned downtime. With more reliable assets, you also improve overall availability, performance, and quality. IIoT-connected workers drive overall machine efficiency as well as help propel factory and enterprise-wide efficiency.

By improving machine efficiency, the IIoT also reduces CapEx costs—which in turn frees up capital to drive other efficiency improvements. Real-world results show that the IIoT helps CapEx budgets by:

  • Improving OEE and machine efficiency through real-time health monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Ensuring safe operating conditions that extend machines’ useful life and reduces risks, saving CapEx maintenance costs

Download our eBook now to learn how manufacturers are implementing new approaches to optimize the key drivers behind asset efficiency, and what you can do today to start improving your OEE.

Improve OEE to cut costs, increase production capacity, and save on labor