Experts on IoT in Healthcare: Building a Smart, Connected Lab

Exploring the benefits of a smart, connected lab? Get insights from IoT experts in healthcare and life sciences.

Healthcare and Life Science Innovations are Being Driven by Digital Transformation, and Smart, Connected Labs

The role played by the IoT in healthcare is helping drive breakthroughs. But uncharted technology can be ambiguous. Where do you start and who can you trust for advice? And how should you best use these new capabilities?

For answers, we posed a simple question to industry experts directly involved in this IoT transformation:

“What advice would you give to companies who are looking to intelligently connect their laboratory?”

Each of these experts share a proven track record of success in shaping the future scope of the IoT in healthcare. We compiled these discussions in a new eBook, The Smart, Connected Lab of the Future: Valuable Insights from Leading Experts.

Download the eBook today and start your lab’s journey toward a more innovative, digital future.

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