Creo View ECAD Data Management webcast

See how you can gain advantages managing ECAD design data in a global PLM environment enabling a ‘single source of truth’ for all your ECAD and MCAD data!

Having the ability to ensure data integrity before it goes out the door has often been difficult to do – as there are several different aspects to consider. Without this final verification process, design data for the same project can sometimes result in mismatched versions being sent to manufacturing.

Watch the webcast to see a demonstration of how you can ensure your ECAD data integrity by providing:

  • A single source of truth for all ECAD-MCAD data

  • The latest version of native data always accessible

  • The ability to work directly in native ECAD tools from within WGM

  • Automated visualization files for author-to-author and extended team member collaboration

  • Global data sharing

  • Design data revision and lifecycle management

  • Automated BOM creation

  • Revision control and lifecycle management of derived data (Artwork, drill, PDF etc)