Webcast: Multi-CAD Collaboration and Consolidation

Unite technology provides design teams with breakthrough capabilities for addressing the challenges of working in a Multi-CAD environment. It allows users to collaborate more effectively and consolidate CAD systems, which creates new efficiencies that improve product quality, desirability, and on-time delivery.

In just 30 minutes, Creo experts explain how Unite technology can help your design team to:

  • Collaborate effectively in a multi-CAD environment
  • Enable higher levels of concurrent engineering
  • Promote data re-use and sharing
  • Significantly reduce the need to create and manage neutral formats
  • Easily re-use legacy data
  • Convert data "As needed, when needed"
  • Consolidate to a single CAD system
  • And increase engineering productivity and IT efficiency

Unite Technology

You’ll also see product demonstrations that show how to use Unite technology to:

  • Work effectively with CAD data from any source
  • Open and incorporate non Creo files without conversion
  • Exchange data in key CAD formats with your partners and suppliers
  • Build and protect design intent across CAD formats