Multi-CAD Data, Unified Design eBook

Analyst eBook on CAD Technologies

To put it lightly, using different CAD tools can make design challenging. Often designers are caught up in the details of just importing, opening, and modifying a model. Getting to actually design becomes secondary to the limitations of a multi-CAD environment.

ChallengesA designer shouldn’t have to recreate a model over and over because it’s “just easier that way.” An engineer shouldn’t have to toil for hours to achieve clean geometry. The software should handle 3D data for them.

Lifecycle Insights analyst Chad Jackson agrees. In his eBook Multi-CAD Data, Unified Design, new technologies and tools can help you get your time back. In this eBook, you’ll learn how to make sure that data from disparate design tools can be seamlessly opened (without importing) and easily modified:

  • Learn how working with multi-CAD data can affect the bottom line.
  • Understand the challenges of working with disparate design tools.
  • Discover solutions that boost productivity among your design engineers.