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Consolidation eBookWhether your company holds on to some old 2D and 3D applications or is part of a merger or acquisition, it’s common for companies to use different CAD systems. But different CAD systems tend to create problems in collaboration.

Lifecycle Insights analyst, Chad Jackson, says there may be a better way.

In his eBook CAD Consolidation: Rewriting the Rules of Design Exchange, Jackson explores how consolidating CAD systems can improve cross-team data leverage, add staffing flexibility, and reduce IT engineering costs:

  • Learn how multiple in-house CAD systems can affect the bottom line.
  • Understand the challenges of working with disparate design tools.
  • Discover solutions that ease consolidation and boost productivity across your organization

About the author Chad Jackson

Chad Jackson, the Principal Analyst of Lifecycle Insights, is a recognized authority on technologies that enable engineering, including CAD, simulation, PDM and PLM. He researches, publishes, blogs and speaks on how engineering leverages these technologies to improve their design and development processes.