Augmented Reality: New Opportunities for Product Designers

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How to bring designs to life with AR

AR is already transforming product design. In this eBook, you’ll see what visionaries have to say about the future of this exciting technology. Plus, pick up a few tips on how your company can start using AR today to communicate their most complex ideas quickly and securely. In this eBook, you’ll find out:

  • How AR experiences created from your CAD model can offer unprecedented opportunities for comparing digital and real-world models side by side
  • What Industry analysts predict for the future of the technology
  • How some companies are already using AR in product development
  • What specific areas of product development are ripe for AR right now

Download your copy today and learn how AR can make your next design review faster, clearer, and (some say) way more fun!

Augmented Reality: New Opportunities for Product Designers

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