Webcast Replay: Vuforia AR Empowering Industrial Frontline Workers

Technology has transformed your products and processes, but what about your most important industrial resource? Industrial augmented reality companies are helping revolutionize how you train and empower your workers. An estimated majority (80%) of the world’s workers are frontline workers, they don’t have a desk.

We will show you how PTC AR solution suite can help to address some of these challenges and help to deliver efficiency across your businesses.

Key takeaways from this webcast

  • Vuforia Chalk as a remote collaboration tool to bring workers together to solve problems faster
  • Learn how Vuforia Studio can help to create interactive 3D training and service instructions with existing CAD data
  • Learn how Vuforia Expert Capture allows companies to scale up subject matter experts (SMEs) to easily and efficiently capture thousands of SOPs without impacting their work

The webcast took place on Jun 23, 2020

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