Better Together: PTC & RE’FLEKT

We are building the most comprehensive Enterprise AR solution on the market. Now it is time to learn what this means for you and your Enterprise AR Journey.

"AR has emerged as a powerful and valued solution for frontline workers in enterprise and industrial settings, modernizing training, remote collaboration, procedural guidance, and quality inspection, This agreement with RE’FLEKT bolsters PTC’s leadership in the enterprise AR market and increases our ability to deliver meaningful value to our customers"

Mike Campbell, GM and EVP for Augmented Reality, PTC

Wolfgang Stelzle, Former CEO & Founder, RE’FLEKT

"I’m proud of what the RE’FLEKT team has accomplished over the last decade, We built a company that developed innovative products and helped bring AR into the mainstream in industrial enterprises. I’m excited to bring our years of expertise and insights to the Vuforia business, in collaboration with Michael and the extended team"

Overview Video - Your Next Steps

We prepared this 45 min overview with all the info you need

Expect a comprehensive overview of how the RE’FLEKT & PTC offerings come together and compare what our teams are working on as well as:

  • How to find best fit for your business problem and use case
  • Why you should work with our joint Enterprise AR team
  • How to get started on your own Enterprise AR journey

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Vuforia Buyer's Guide: Select the Right Augmented Reality Solutions

Take a deeper look into the Vuforia solution suite and understand each product's distinguishing capabilities and optimal use-cases to address your biggest business challenges.

Technologies to Achieve Your Business Initiatives

What makes Vuforia really cool, is that it connects to the entire PTC software landscape. But what does that mean?

Well, PTC are experts in industrial software. From CAD to PLM or AR to IOT. PTC have some of the strongest solutions on the market. Even better, all these solutions integrate to one another in what PTC call "the digital Thread".

With PTC Vuforia, you can connect AR to all your industrial processes for maximum efficiency.

Still have questions?

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