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Webcast Replay: Making it Real – Fulfilling the Promise of AR in the Industrial Enterprise

Original Broadcast Date: December 10, 2019

By improving human contextual awareness through immersive fusion of the real and the digital worlds, augmented reality technology poses the potential to unlock human productivity to previously unimaginable new heights. The promise posed by this incredible opportunity has helped propel AR into discussions within C-suites around the world. The digital transformation of the frontline workforce has never been a more discussed topic. However, as many have learned, fulfilling that promise has been a challenging and often tedious journey. PTC has been paying attention. Not only have we been developing cutting edge solutions that help customers get to value quickly, but we have also been developing frameworks to help our customers understand how to successfully value, adopt, and scale AR in their organizations to finally deliver on the promise of AR. In this session we will share some of those frameworks.


Umar Arshad

Umar Arshad,
Vuforia Business Strategy Senior Manager, PTC

Zara Jimenez

Zara Jimenez
Vuforia Business Strategy Senior Manager, PTC

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