Delivering Operational Excellence in Field Service with Augmented Reality

Webcast Replay

Original Air Date: November 6, 2018

To varying degrees, AR is transforming business models across many industries. Specifically, field service is experiencing a significant impact from AR. When looking across best-in-class service management leaders, aggressive AR investment is a prevalent theme. Watch this webcast replay and learn why AR is so well suited to address field service challenges, and how service leaders are already employing AR to reshape their market.

This discussion was held by respective experts in the fields of AR and service, including Hillary Ashton, Executive Vice President of PTC’s AR business, and Tom Paquin, Service Research Analyst at Aberdeen. A range of AR-for-service topics were covered, including:

  • Identifying the compounding pressures adversely affecting the service workforce.
  • How the service industry has traditionally addressed these challenges—and why these approaches have become less effective.
  • Which AR solution types are being used by best-in-class service leaders.
  • How these AR applications work—in the field, the classroom and on the floor.
  • The measurable impact that AR is having on service KPIs.
  • How AR is affecting the competitive landscape of field service management.


Tom Paquin, Research Analyst, Service Management, Aberdeen


Hillary Ashton, EVP, General Manager, Augmented Reality, PTC