Webinar Replay: Tech Talk with MLC: Closing the Skills Gap with Augmented Reality Work Instructions

Original Air Date: December 3, 2021

Traditional training methods have proved ineffective at closing the skills gap in manufacturing. Classroom training is costly, time consuming, and ineffective. And documentation, presentations, and job shadowing programs strain the ever-decreasing number of subject matter experts in your organization, asking them to take time away from their work to assist in bringing new employees up to speed. .

Augmented reality (AR) work instructions streamline content creation and deliver relevant information to employees when and where they need it most. They’re easy to create, easy to follow, easy to understand, and easy to measure, enabling you to understand how work is done on the frontline and to identify lingering knowledge gaps in your workforce. .

Watch this webinar replay to hear how to put AR work instructions to work in your organization to address the skills gap. We’ll explore how augmented reality streamlines content creation and delivery, improves information retention, and ensures traceability and compliance, and share tips for getting started with enterprise AR.

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