Why Business Leaders Need an Augmented Reality Strategy

Watch the MIT Sloan Management Review Webinar featuring Michael Porter and Jim Heppelmann

Watch Michael E. Porter and James E. Heppelmann discuss how augmented reality helps companies take advantage of the wealth of digital data generated today.

The proliferation of smart, connected devices and digital transformation initiatives are producing a deluge of digital information disconnected from the physical world in which humans must apply it. Augmented reality technology bridges this gap and can drive improvements in manufacturing quality, logistics, and customer experiences, among other areas.

This free webinar replay will highlight new research and case studies showing how companies are implementing augmented reality — and the returns achieved. You will learn:

  • The key capabilities that AR provides organizations
  • Where businesses are choosing to deploy AR, according to new survey data
  • Which AR use cases are generating the most value today
  • The five questions for incorporating AR into your own strategy and implementation plans

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