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Webcast: Implementing Augmented Reality for Training

Discover how GE Healthcare is using AR to transform their training programs. Register today.

Discover how GE is using AR to create and cultivate employee skills

From performance support to delivering live procedural guidance, augmented reality is changing the way companies like GE are training their field engineers.

Take a journey that reveals how GE Healthcare has harnessed the power of AR to fundamentally transform its extensive training platforms. GE will share real-world insights that can help you implement AR more smoothly. Discover the value of 3D AR training experiences for complex service procedures.

Join us on January 13 at 10:00am CET to hear Matthew Kwiatkowski, Innovation Program Lead, GE Healthcare & Sarah Reynolds, VP AR & IoT Marketing, PTC discuss:

  • GE’s growing library of AR-based training curriculum—built with Vuforia Studio
  • Techniques GE adopted for growing mindshare and building stakeholder buy-in
  • How AR empowers GE’s service techs to keep critical equipment up and running