Transforming Marketing & Sales with Augmented Reality

Discover how industrial augmented reality can increase revenue, accelerate sales cycles, and energize customer engagement

AR offers an exciting new way to discover and experience products—which accelerates the sales process and increases brand value.

In today’s competitive landscape, manufacturers face many marketing and sales challenges. Equipment may be too large or costly to ship to events and tradeshows; other products have become so customizable that they’ve become impossible to effectively stock; for the makers of custom industrial equipment and structures, the process of reconfiguring and quoting can drain profits before a deal is even closed.

If these challenges resonate, it’s time to discover the benefits of selling with augmented reality. Marketers and sellers are using AR to create digital twins of their physical products—which offer 3D immersion, portability and unlimited customization potential.

Download this eBook to learn how companies like AGCO and Cannondale are using augmented reality to amplify their marketing reach, lower the cost of sale—and be more satisfying for customers.

Transforming Marketing & Sales with Augmented Reality eBook

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