Webcast Replay

Original Air Date: September 14, 2017

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is here and manufacturers are quickly adopting the technology improving operations, maintenance, and productivity. The IIot has generated mountains of data, but how can you take maximum advantage of it?

The final element of bringing the IIoT to life is to integrate Augmented Reality (AR). Now every member of your organization -- from the top floor to the plant floor -- can visualize and interact with the live data that your IIoT implementation provides. This convergence of the physical and digital worlds will give your company a distinctive competitive advantage. How can you get started?

In this webcast replay, VP of Go to Market and Strategy at PTC, Glen Fields will discuss two macro-economic trends impacting many global businesses, productivity and diminishing skilled workers. The webcast will explore how Augmented Reality can address these trends and offer a new medium that will improve the way end users interact with the industrial internet of things helping your company to:

  • Enable the connected worker to improve employee productivity
  • Close the knowledge transfer gap between retiring boomers and incoming millennials

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