Trends in Augmented Reality for Sales and Marketing

Webcast Replay

Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced buying experiences across sales and marketing can create substantial business value by significantly improving engagement to prospects and customers. AR is a virtualized experience that involves computer-generated visualization of objects and information overlaid on real physical ones. Using AR in marketing and selling can provide immediate value as it generates revenue, reduces costs, and improves the buying experience by enhancing the understanding of products in a digital or virtual manner.

Join Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research and Nichole Peterson, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Vuforia at PTC as they help educate on AR and the opportunity to increase revenue and the use cases that will help buyers make more informed and timely purchase decisions.

During this webcast, participants will learn:

  • Where to address the new digital age of marketing and sales
  • Why digital innovation in augmented reality is essential for increasing revenue
  • Examples and use cases where to leverage AR in your organization
  • What are benefits you can achieve in AR
  • How to get started with AR in your organization 
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