Explore Key Insights, Strategies, and Agile Best Practices

Some medtech developers believe that Agile goes against the requirements of regulated product delivery. Others are already experiencing the advantages of Agile. 

A three-part white paper and webinar series that explores key insights, strategies, and best practices of adopting Agile in a regulated setting.

Part 1: Approaches to Agile in Medical Device Development   

Medical device development is often seen as incompatible with Agile methodology due to regulatory requirements. However, it is possible to overcome these challenges and use Agile's potential to enhance medtech development. Discover strategies to support your MedTech organization in adopting Agile practices. 


Part 2: Agile Best Practices for Medical Device Development 

Medtech development requires advanced Agile workflows and practices due to regulatory constraints. It is important to learn about specific Agile practices (i.e., methods, workflows, templates, etc.) that are essential for medical device development. Using the Definition of Done (DoD) can help manage regulatory constraints, establish traceability between Agile work items, and build compliance incrementally. 


Part 3: Patterns of Agile Success in Medical Device Development 

Healthcare companies report important experiences and proven best practices that contribute to success with Agile. Access key insights from case studies and experience reports from leading Agile medtech developers. Learn about possible practical solutions to aligning Agile methodology and regulatory constraints. 

Unlocking the Power of Agile in Medical Device Development

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