Digital Transformation Within the Requirements Engineering Domain

Requirements engineering makes the digital transformation process more streamlined and simplified to gather, analyze, and manage requirements effectively and seamlessly. 

Sustainable requirements engineering (SuRE) — a phased approach to reach targeted maturity levels of requirements management

The challenges posed by digital transformation and the increased use of AI further emphasize the need for a strong foundation in requirements engineering, as it ensures that the development process starts off strong with effective gathering and analysis of stakeholders’ needs and expectations. 

Requirements engineering has evolved and introduced new ideas and concepts, such as the use of requirements management tools, which have become integral in managing and organizing requirements effectively. These tools provide a structured approach to requirements management, enabling teams to track and prioritize requirements throughout the development process. 

Sustainable requirements engineering (SuRE) offers a phased approach to achieving the desired level of requirements management maturity. SuRE emphasizes the importance of maintaining a culture within an organization where requirements engineering is valued and practiced consistently across projects and teams. 

By investing in requirements engineering and adopting a SuRE approach, organizations can improve their chances of developing successful products that meet the needs of their target markets. SuRE provides a solid foundation for the development process, ensuring that the final product aligns with stakeholder expectations and delivers value to customers.

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