Digital-Age Design for Aerospace & Defense

On-Demand Webcast

Listen as Major General (USAF Ret) H. Brent Baker , Senior Vice President of Worldwide Federal Aerospace and Defense, PTC and Paul Sagar Vice President of CAD Product Management, PTC discuss four ways you can layer meaningful innovation into product design. As the DoD emerges from years of sequestration with a wave of new spending, the themes of modernization and readiness recovery are coming to the forefront. This will mean several new programs start for priorities that had been sidelined for years. Whether you are an industry or government stakeholder, are you truly ready to meet this challenge with the strategic use of the latest technology platforms?

We’ll provide you with the inside track so you stay ahead of the latest advances in product design. You’ll learn about breakthrough capabilities and discover insights for:

  • Additive Manufacturing: Manufacturing Consensus - What You See is What You Print
  • Multi-CAD Collaboration: Realize the Potential of Multi-CAD Collaboration
  • Model Based Definitions: Make Better 2D Definitions
  • Simulation and CFD: Put CFD in the Hands of Every Engineer

This webcast includes expert presentations, demonstrations and plenty of resources that you can use now to accelerate innovation, reuse your designs, and replace assumptions with facts.